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On Holiday, Episode 6
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  • Show: The Real Hustle/li>
  • Season: 7
  • Episode: 7x6 On Holiday, Episode 6
  • Stars :
  • Directors :
  • Paul offers to take photos of tourists using their own camera, but then the camera gets swiped by Jess and Alex (The Helpful Stranger); Iwan Thomas is given a challenge by Paul involving drinks bottles (Celebrity Con Games); Alex poses as a hotel manager to get guests' key cards from them (The Hotel Room Rip-Off); Jess challenges someone in a bar to float a cork in the centre of a glass of water with it drifting to the edge (Proposition Bets); and the team offer a free locker service in a busy shopping centre, then take all the lockers away complete with their contents (The Lock-Up).

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